Popular music groups that are made up of teens continue to be popular today because a huge amount of the popular music audience are teenagers. So this large group of listeners can actually make a group a hit or not. If you want to get a group of teens together to create a popular music group it’s going to take hard work and some really smart planning. This is especially true because teens don’t have years and years of musical knowledge or experience.

You will need to figure out what kind of music you want your teen group to play. This will influence what members you will need for the group. If your group is going to be a singing group then you are going to need a couple of really good singers. If it’s not focused on the vocals then you just need a singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer.

You can recruit people for the band by checking with your friends and other acquaintances and if that doesn’t work you can always advertise for say 13 to 18 year olds who have musical talent and want to join a band.

Once you do get enough people together then you will need to find a place where you can practice. You can rent a space or practice at someone’s home or garage. You will need enough space to be able to practice comfortably. You don’t want to be cramped and you don’t want to be making too much noise in a small confined space. If you decide to practice at home, make sure to talk to the neighbors and let them know what you will be doing.

Gather up the music that you want to play. You can write your own, hire a songwriter or just find songs you like played by other bands. You need to find music that will fit the style that you want and the kind of music that you can play well. It’s always good to push yourself, if you pick music that is way beyond your skills then you and the band will only get frustrated.

You should have regular practices but don’t practice 5 days a week. Just have a regular and consistent schedule that you all can work with. You will also need to come up with what kind of an image that you want the group to have. The kind of clothes you want to wear and your hairstyles all go along with the kind of music you will be playing.

You will need to come up with a name for the group that fits your style and image. If it’s a metal band you are going to want a heavy and intense name but if it’s more mellow music then the name of your group needs to be lighter as well.

Once you feel you are good enough you should consider recording a demo with a sample of the kind of music that you play. This is how you will get some attention as well as being invited to play somewhere that will pay the band money to do so.

After all of this, try to start booking some real shows. You will have to try and find teen clubs and parties that will accept teen groups to perform. Coffeehouses and schools are a couple of other places that you might be able to book a show.

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